Nashville news: 1820-1829

Who was who in Nashville, July 1820 — the Nashville Union‘s letter list, part one and part two.

These lists were common in Nashville papers from the early 1800s through about the 1890s. Since pre-1850 U.S. census forms listed only the head of household by name, (not to mention that Tennessee’s 1790, 1800 and 1890 census returns are lost), and Nashville city directories don’t start until the late 1950s, these postal customer lists could be valuable genealogical resources if anyone could ever gather up and transcribe a critical mass of them.

Hogsheads of Trouble

My ancestor Mason Wood, living in Smith County, Tenn. in the early 1820s, sold two hogsheads of tobacco and shipped them to New Orleans (probably from Carthage, down the Cumberland and then the Mississippi). A beef arose involving other parties to the transaction and played out in the pages of the Nashville Whig, which published a statement by Mason Wood about the sale.

Also, just so I can find a home for it online, here is the index card for Mason’s service in the War of 1812.

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