Nashville news: 1940-1949

8 Dec. 1941: The day after Pearl Harbor, the Nashville Banner published photos and info on people with local ties who were thought to be in the new war zone. Among them were names that would become well-known and others that might not, including:

  • Jean Faircloth (Mrs. Douglas) MacArthur, a former Murfreesboro resident, Ward-Belmont graduate and sister of Nashville resident E.C. Faircloth Jr.
  • Lt. Cmdr. Jasper T. Acuff, later to command a supply group hailed for its work in the South Pacific
  • Lt. Hooper A. Williams Jr., U.S.M.C.
  • Capt. T. Foster Caldwell, U.S.N. (ret.)
  • Grace Baggett (Mrs. Henalee) Towell
  • Pvt. Earl Pickel Jr., U.S.A.
  • Ens. Jonathan J. Foley, U.S.N.
  • Ens. William H. Howse, U.S.N.
  • Ens. John C. O’Connor, U.S.N.
  • Margaret Rozelle (Mrs. John C.) O’Connor
  • Ens. H. Mortimer Trull, U.S.N., a former Banner reporter
  • Lt. Harry L. Sylar Jr.
  • Cornelia Fort, later a member of the Women’s Auxiliary Ferry Squadron, who, in 1943, would become the first woman to die in active-duty military service to the United States


November 1942: Eddie Jones on joining the Nashville Banner, as he waited to join the military (interview by David Ewing):

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