Nashville news: 1960-1969

6 October 1960: Nixon in Nashville.

My father shot this footage, and it includes my late mother handing a bouquet of yellow roses to Pat Nixon. She and Dad were always highly committed, free-market Republicans, and I recall them as being stalwart defenders of Nixon during Watergate until the bitter end.

Also visible in the film are Mom’s sister, Connie Forehand, shown as part of the welcoming party at the airport, and the late Jimmy Bradford of brokerage house J.C. Bradford & Co., seen near the aircraft.


28 September 1967: Nashville goes wet:

What does a fella have to do to get a drink around here? As of mid-1967, the answer was: bring your own bottle, and know the right people. But a campaign was afoot to bring “liquor by the ounce” — the clinical euphemism advocates used for “liquor by the drink” — to Metropolitan Nashville.

Amid legislative chicanery, backroom plotting by business titans and a major get-out-the-vote campaign in the city’s most privileged neighborhoods, the campaign came down to a county-wide referendum on September 28, 1967. Liquor by the drink carried the day.

Eddie Jones (1924-2009), former editor of the Nashville Banner, spilled the beans on a legislator’s extortion attempt and much else in this 2007 interview with David Ewing:

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