Nashville News: 1990-1999

FortyUnderForty_picForty under Forty — Business Nashville, May-June 1998

  • These list stories are inherently bogus, at one level anyway. But 17 years on, this one brings on moments of recognition (and moments of pathos, since at least two on the list are no longer with us). All of these onetime 20- and 30-somethings are 50-somethings like me these days, and many of them have gone on from youthful success to mature success.
  • It’s interesting to note who is not here, though. Most of Nashville’s current mayoral candidates would have been eligible for consideration, but none of them are on the list. People who are vital to making Nashville the It City today could have made the list but didn’t: Renata Soto surely belonged on it. Beverly Keel probably would have been on it—if I hadn’t assigned her to help me write the story. Marty Stuart? Becca Stevens? Restaurateurs like Allison Wills Brooks of Calypso Cafe? The list could go on for some time.

For the record (and the search traffic) here are the chosen 40, plus four more we selected as up-and-comers:

  • Vic Alexander
  • Cathy Bender
  • Mimi Bliss
  • Ashley Caldwell Levi
  • Laura Campbell
  • Brian Cooper
  • Charles Davis
  • Bryan Dearing
  • Robert Deaton
  • Butch Eley
  • Karlen Evins
  • Trey Fanjoy
  • Chris Ferrell
  • George Flanigen IV
  • Beth Fortune
  • Joseph Freedman
  • Darrell Freeman Sr.
  • Amy Grant
  • Lisa Harless
  • David Ingram
  • John Ingram
  • Orrin Ingram
  • Kevin Lavender
  • Michael Mauldin
  • Paula McGee
  • Scott Mercy – deceased
  • George Miller
  • Byron Norfleet
  • Jeff Pringle
  • Lee Ann Parham (now Wills)
  • Anastasia Pruitt
  • Bobby Rolfe
  • Karen Saul
  • Tom Smith
  • Warren Smith
  • Brick Sturgeon
  • Kim Bradley Thomason
  • Mark Tipps
  • Carlton Wilkinson
  • Avon Williams III – deceased

Four Future 40ers:

  • Jack Grace
  • Barry Jackson
  • Michael King,
  • Greg Shockro

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