Nashville news: 1880-1889

The murder of Frank Arnold: Missing head found in a bee-gum at Belle Meade Plantation. Nashville Daily American, 3 Feb. 1886.


A fatal fervor: Anarchist Adolph Fischer did not find a receptive audience in 1880s Nashville. But in Chicago’s Haymarket Square, he was all too successful in drawing attention to his views. Nashville Daily American, 17 May 1886.

More on the Nashville connection to the episode that gave us May Day here:

After the guilty verdict was announced, Fischer addressed the court. “This verdict, which was rendered by the jury in this room, is not directed against murder, but against anarchy,” he said. “I feel that I am sentenced, or that I will be sentenced, to death because of being an anarchist, and not because I am a murderer.”


A day in the life — Weather, classifieds and political announcements. Nashville Daily American, 17 May 1886.


Tarbox School debuts — A Midtown institution opens its doors. Nashville Daily American, 31 Aug. 1886.


A Salemtown sale? — Not sure just where the development advertised here was, as Salem St. no longer exists and Madison and Heiman Sts. are truncated and altered from their original dimensions. Nashville Daily American, 17 Dec. 1886.

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